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Most marketers are intimidated by statistics. How do I know this? They’re the ones hiring me.

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Digital marketing is all about the numbers

During the Mad Men era marketing was about art, but involved guesswork because of the limited technology. Today, Digital marketing is all about statistics and demographic analysis. 

Most marketers today, can’t do basic math. Imagine paying thousands of dollars and putting the future of your business in the hands of someone who struggles with elementary school math.

Don’t make that mistake. My background in analytics makes sure you aren’t just guessing with your ads.

Why I’m the best choice for your company


Experience at the highest level

I have experience working for some of the world’s largest corporations: GM, Hershey’s, Quest Diagnostics


Highly Educated

I have a Bachelors degree from Hillsdale College and a Master’s degree from Central Michigan University


Wide Range of Skills

Website creation paid media, advanced analytical reporting, copywriting, dashboard & website design. I can do it all.


Proven Performance

I always deliver on the goals of the campaign. There is no challenge that I haven’t found a solution to.

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I cut my teeth as a Google Analytics expert and I wrote a free guide so you can get up and running with your website’s analytics

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