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During the Mad Men era marketing was about art, but involved guesswork because of the limited technology. Today, Digital marketing is all about statistics and demographic analysis. 

Most marketers today, can’t do basic math. Imagine paying thousands of dollars and putting the future of your business in the hands of someone who struggles with elementary school math.

Don’t make that mistake. My background in analytics makes sure you aren’t just guessing with your ads.

Copywriting – The Secret Sauce

How do you know if you have good copy? It gets results. How do you know what gets results? Good measurement and analytics. While we do operate in a modern tech ecosystem. Marketing is still bout convincing people to take an action. This is why solid copywriting needs to be at the core of every advertisement. Good copywriting can be the difference between a couple hundred dollars or a couple hundred thousand dollars. Combining top-quality copywriting and advanced analytical concepts are the secret sauce of marketing.

Analytics – The Most Important Concept

I am a marketer with a wild range of experience. I started my career studying economics at a high level and then transitioned over to working in tech for one of the world’s largest corporations General Motors. After working in tech I went through the Praxis program and became a digital marketing data analyst where my clients were some of the largest companies in the United States. I now work with a combination of political, retail, and media brands using my skills to build their audiences and accomplish their skills.

My Work

Hot Gulag Summer

Hot Gulag Summer is a merch campaign run in partnership with The American Mind magazine. The American Mind had trademarked the phrase “Hot Gulag Summer.” The American Mind came to my team asking if we could do something with this trademark. They wanted something both stylish and unsettling. Within a few days my team developed several mood boards and design concepts. We eventually settled on the theme of “Soviet Synth” a juxtaposition of the 1980s/Cyberpunk and Soviet propaganda. By combining the decadence of the 80s American nightclub scene with Soviet propaganda we were able to create a brand that truly stuck with people.

The Masculinist

Was responsible for the creation of The Masculinist as a publication. Led the team responsible for converting The Masculinist from solely a newsletter to a full-fledged media entity. This included creating and growing a Facebook page to several thousand in just a few months and monetizing a YouTube channel in just three months.

Through these efforts, The Masculinists’ newsletter more than doubled its readership.

Various Other Clients


Gonzo Blog

Rules for Radicals

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